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Our services

Our team of highly dedicated and experienced veterinary surgeons are devoted to your animal’s wellbeing. Your farm animals are always our priority.

Coast2Coast Farm Vets we provide continuity of care, working with you to provide effective and high quality treatment. From routine vaccinations through to surgical consultations, we build client relationships that support you. And whatever medications you need, our on-site dispensary will be able to provide them.

Your farm animals benefit from our comprehensive services, including:

  • Access to emergency and out of hours care.
  • Dairy and beef herd health.
  • Export licenses.
  • Blood sampling for accreditation schemes – including CHeCS, PCHS and PSGHS.
  • Bull and ram fertility testing.
  • Herd health planning and flock health planning.
  • TB testing.
  • BVD and Johnes advisors – helping you to develop a targeted action plan for your herds.
  • Reproduction and fertility services.
  • Young stock services.
  • Vaccination programmes.
  • Regular client meetings.
  • Parasite control.

Register your animals with us now by calling 01326 314023.

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