Lambs running across field

Small holdings

We enjoy working with our small holder clients and their animals because of the many different types of animals we see and the varying needs of each client.

We provide a comprehensive range of health services. We naturally focus on the treatment of sick animals, and we complement this with an increasing focus on helping to keep animals healthy. To this end we offer:

  • Parasite control advice and worm egg counting.
  • Breeding schemes to assist getting animals pregnant at the right time.
  • Training for those who look after the animals. This is provided both on farm and in the class room.
  • Advice on appropriate nutrition.
  • Vaccination programmes to keep the common infectious diseases at bay.
  • Small holder days with discounted visits and vaccination, wormer and fly treatment in individual doses.

This short list offers a flavour of the range of things we offer and we do try to make sure that we work with people to achieve their objectives. So, please do contact us to see how we can work together for the benefit of your animals.

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