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TB Testing

We have dedicated TB Testers who, along with our vets, perform both Government and Private tuberculosis testing for both bovines and non-bovine animals.

We are also qualified for the investigations of brucellosis and anthrax enquiries.

Private TB Blood Interferon-gamma testing (IFNG)

We are one of only a handful of practices in the UK able to offer this service.

Testing is very time sensitive. Tests must be arranged at least 1 week in advance as permission needs to be granted by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA). We are also only able to collect the blood sample on a Wednesday due to the testing schedule for IFNG at the APHA dedicated laboratory.

Cattle which are eligible for private IFNG testing include the following:-

  • Supplementary pre- or post-movement testing of pedigree animals that are not subject to, or have passed, a compulsory skin test.
  • More sensitive TB screening of animals joining high-value herds, including pedigree bulls entering semen collection centres.
  • As a marketing tool to add value to herd/animals intended for sale.
  • Ad hoc testing following a negative routine or tracing skin test.
  • Rapid retesting of inconclusive skin test reactors where no government-funded IFNG blood test is planned.

Cattle which are NOT eligible for private IFNG testing include the following:

  • Cattle from herds under TB restriction and undergoing government IFNG testing.
  • Skin test-positive (reactor) and other cattle awaiting slaughter for TB control purposes.
  • Animals in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland at the time of testing.
  • Herds under restrictions for overdue tuberculin skin tests.
  • Cattle that are under six months of age.

For more information on INFG testing, read through APHA’s website.

If you would like to discuss costs, or find out more information, contact your local practice.


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