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Export certification

We provide regular export health certification (EHC) for companies throughout the South West of England. We are registered with the government Animal & Plant Health Agency.

We have Official Veterinarians (OVs) that hold the following export panels:

  • ES – Essential Skills
  • EX – Exports General
  • PX – Product Exports
  • UX – Ungulate Exports
  • AX – Avian Exports

We are able to inspect and authorise:

  • Products of animal origin (food for human consumption, animal by-products).
  • Ungulate exports – cattle, sheep, goats, pigs (breeding, production, slaughter).
  • Avian exports (Poultry Heath Scheme, captive birds which are not pets).

We are also one of the few practices with Official Veterinarians able to certify exports to countries worldwide that require additional certification – including Hong Kong and China.

Our global exportation clients currently include the routine inspection and certification of:

Now that the UK has left the EU there are even more EHC requirements when exporting. Further help in this area can be obtained by contacting

MAS – Movement Assistance Scheme.. We are registered with the APHA as part of the MAS initiative. This provides Government funding for exports to Northern Ireland.

Attestations. We perform attestations to inspect your plant/unit to ensure the correct QC measures are in place to enable us to accurately complete the EHC. This procedure is mandatory annual to reduce the risk of disease spread through exports. This involves looking at the processing plant, and reviewing HACCP procedures and supporting records. We also like to take this opportunity for your QC officer to meet the OV.

If you would like to discuss how we can assist with your exports, please contact us.

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