Dairy Beef Calf Rearing Club

Calf rearing clubs are a brilliant way to gain knowledge, share experience and get to know others who are facing the same challenges as you, all alongside veterinary advice, facilitation and data analysis.
With increasing incentives to reduce carbon footprints, input costs, and antibiotic use, it is important that we ensure our calf rearing systems receive our full attention.
This club launched in 2024 from lead vet Harriett Chapman, aims to put your needs first ensuring its members get the most from it.

Some of the many benefits include:
• Discounted Red Tractor Herd Health Plan
• Analysis of costs to look at feed cost/calf price/bedding/fuel/beef price
• Free colostrum transfer tests
• On farm client meetings
• Bench marking calf growth rates/mortality/scour/pneumonia
• Free Scour checks on farm
• Up to date grant information and help to access these
• Discounted drugs and faecal egg counts

For more information on how this can benefit you – contact us today to speak with Harriett.

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