Chickens in a field


At Coast2Coast Vets we aim to offer a high quality and fully comprehensive service focusing mainly on the prevention of diseases but also providing cures. We can also accommodate organic flocks.

Our services include:

  • Annual health visits.
  • Site visits.
  • Flock health and vaccination plans.
  • Post-mortems, bacteriology and parasitology – results provided as quickly as possible with in-house examination.
  • Free phone advice to registered clients.

We provide all these services to our clients whether they are layers, broilers, breeders, turkeys, duck or game birds; quail, pheasant, partridge and guinea fowl or backyard flocks of commercial birds.

We aim to provide the best possible service and always keen to learn about new methods. We also aim to educate our clients to help them better understand and improve their care of their birds. If there is a service you want that is not mentioned above then please feel free to speak to our vets.

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