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Cornwall Lameness Forum

In the Cornwall Lameness Forum (CLF) we bring people together who have an interest in understanding and tackling lameness in dairy cattle.

We have held regular meetings on topics relating to lameness in cows. Coast2Coast has invested a great deal in training staff and on-farm research, which has focused on how best to make practical improvements.

We are involved in the Register of Mobility Scorers and we have a number of qualified and registered staff who carry out formal mobility scoring to RoMS standards (i.e. industry-recognised).

The forum is engaged in a number of on-going activities including:

  • Training for farmers in how best to carry out mobility scoring to meet farm assurance standards.
  • Providing advice on practical measures to improve the control of digital dermatitis.
  • Training in the right way to treat lame cows.
  • Meetings to look at practical ways to improve lameness.

So, if you are enthusiast get in touch and join our contact list and come to an event.

For more information on mobility scoring you can watch AHDB’s videos on YouTube.

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