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Ram fertility testing

  • We have both the equipment and the expertise to perform the invaluable service of ram semen testing. This procedure is carried out on-farm. We collect semen via electro-ejaculation using a ram-specific probe. The sample is then analysed under a microscope to give a status of the ram’s fertility.
  • We are also able to provide certified reports on semen quality through the use of Dynescan analysis on farm.

Routine procedures

  • We regularly undertake procedures such as foot trimming, blood sampling and vasectomies.
  • We also train our clients to perform routine tasks such as tailing, rubber ring castrating and foot trimming.

Flock health planning

  • We provide flock health advice and plans including vaccination protocols to protect your flock.

Specific conditions

  • Our flock health planning incorporates advice and training on the following key areas of flock management.
  • Foot rot control – very few flocks are free from foot rot. We can advise on how best to deal with this condition on your farm with training in foot trimming, foot bathing and use of vaccines and antibiotics.
  • Parasite control – resistance to worm and fluke treatments is becoming more prevalent, we use faecal egg counts to assess the level of infection on your farm and check that treatments have worked.
  • Body condition scoring – getting your ewes in the correct condition at mating and lambing is critical for producing good numbers of healthy lambs. We can provide training in how to assess and record body condition, then advise on how to correct problems.
  • Grading of fat lambs – we can provide education and training in how to assess your finishing lambs so that they always go to slaughter at the correct fat level and that you receive the optimum price.
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