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We provide a comprehensive range of farm animal health services. These range from the traditional fertility work to more advanced nutritional monitoring and health and production plan implementation.

We take a practical approach to putting into practice the advice we give. Furthermore, we really do prefer to work with the other farm advisors and nutritionists so that we can co-ordinate our inputs constructively.

The services we provide include:

  • The full range of traditional clinical and emergency services for farm animals.
  • Advice on cost-effective use of medicines.
  • Use of breeding technologies including application of genomics, embryo transfer and bull fertility testing.
  • Health planning integrated with periodic progress reviews; to allow useful and practical changes to be made.

This is backed up by:

  • Computerised analysis of herd disease and production data presented in a common-sense fashion. We routinely deal with health and performance data from the traditional sources such as InterHerd and UnformAgri, as well as from robots such as T4C as well as more advanced software to support our work.
  • In-house laboratory services, backed up by selected leading external laboratories.

Additional on-farm services include:

  • Transition cow assessments of risk factors and management options.
  • Housing and cow comfort assessments.
  • Nutritional monitoring and problem identification – in conjunction with nutritional advisors.

As well as formally recognised activities such as:

  • Cow signals assessments.
  • Implementation of formal disease accreditation schemes.
  • AHDB Mastitis Control Plan.
  • Milksure.

Additional training activities include:

  • Training in, advising and delivering mobility score tuition to the industry standard of the Register of Mobility Scorers.
  • On-farm coaching in clinical techniques and emergency medicine.
  • Advising on and implementation of practical data recording systems for health and production monitoring as well fulfilment of farm assurance requirements.
  • DEFRA approved 3-day AI training course and AI refreshers.

Special disease control and investigation consultancy:

  • We offer a range of stand-alone advisory and investigation packages. Each one is tailor-made to meet each individual’s needs. These packages are available in fertility, mastitis and lameness.
  • In addition to this we advise and implement monitoring and benchmarking for key nutritional and production parameters, as well as the data gathering to comply with farm-assurance requirements.
  • We undertake a similar range of advisory and investigation work with farming and industry client’s right across the south of England.
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