Brown cow


Reproduction and fertility services

  • All our vets have calved a multitude of cows and performed many dozens of caesarians. If there is a way to get you a live cow and calf, we will find it.
  • Our vets Dean Worth and Simon Mitchell are fully trained, equipped and experienced in bull semen testing and collection for freezing. We use modern Dynescan laboratory equipment to produce semen analysis reports on farm.
  • We use modern ultrasound scanners to give reliable pregnancy testing with accurate staging of pregnancies to allow you to best manage your cows around calving time.
  • Cost effective heat synchronisation strategies and protocols for fixed time AI and for embryo transfer programmes.
  • Specific advice on nutrition and management of cows to maximise conception rates and minimise losses at calving.

Young stock services

  • We use the most up to date medicines and specialist techniques to treat sick calves. In addition we are keen to put in place treatment protocols and provide training for our farm clients to promptly diagnose and treat common ailments.
  • Our aim is to always look towards preventing disease by investigating underlying issues.
  • We can then advise on how changes to housing, management and nutrition could be used to improve calf health and growth rates.

Herd health planning

  • We have many years of experience in delivering herd health plans for beef farms, most specifically for pedigree breeders seeking CHECS accreditation for their herds.
  • This includes vaccination plans for your farm to help prevent disease with full cost benefit analyses.
  • Parasite control – in the future we see resistance to wormers being a growing concern, we can advise on and provide worm testing of your herd to assess whether worming is required at all and whether your current treatment regime is effective.
  • We have the experience and knowledge to undertake detailed investigations of major production issues such as increased calf losses through abortions and stillbirths or reduced calf growth rates.
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